The Rooms

At MSP Crashpad 347, there are two residency options: one twin bed in a shared bedroom with 5 others, or one twin bed in a small semi-private loft area that only you call your own. Whichever you decide, you won't be disappointed!

My aim is for this crashpad to be like a home away from home, so everything is fully stocked and fully furnished with all the home comforts you could need. The rooms are cozy and supplied with fresh linens, towels, pillows and blankets, as well as storage space and a bedside lamp - everything to help you get the best night's sleep after a busy shift!

The House

My female-only crashpad house is a traditional two-story home; the residents have the entire second floor to themselves, plus access to the first floor shared living area (with comfy sofas, TV and wifi), fully-stocked kitchen (with appliances, kitchenware, and cupboards stocked and ready for cooking!) and outdoor patio area with a grill and outdoor seating. There are also laundry facilities in the basement for you to wash, dry and iron your clothes and bedding if needed!

The Neighborhood & Transport

Located in a quiet, safe neighborhood, MSP Crashpad 347 provides the perfect respite after a busy shift. However, there are also plenty of delicious restaurants, cafes, shops and entertainment options nearby, so don't hesitate to explore the area! 

We're just 1/2 a block from the Metro Transit bus Route 54, which runs a 15 minute direct line to and from MSP airport every 10-15 minutes. This bus picks up and drops off frequently just outside Security Checkpoint 10 (one of the main crew member entrances at MSP).

There's also easy, quick transport to downtown Minneapolis for when you have a day off!

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