Some frequently asked questions...

Do I need a car?

Not at all! The crashpad is truly in the best possible location, with bus routes to and from MSP airport and downtown within just half a block, and a gas station, grocery store, and liquor store just a block away. Within 6 blocks (easy bus ride or walk) you will find many great restaurants that the West 7th area is known for. 

How difficult is it to get to work?

The Metro Transit is just down the road and is very easy and reliable. Typically the buses start running about 4:30am and stop about midnight for maintenance. Frequency is nearly every 10-15 minutes (varies with rush hour, holidays, weekends, etc). Service is scheduled to take about 15 minutes.

The bus picks up about 1/2 block away from my door, and drops off right in front of MSP security checkpoint number 10 (known crew member entrance or short lines for those not eligible). Checkpoint 10 is also known as the skyway checkpoint, or the one in the connector (short walk to Skywest, Endeavor, and Compass ops).

What Can I use in the house?

Everything in the sleeping rooms is personal property (yours or someone else's!) and needs to be treated as such. If you want to use something in one of these rooms you must ask permission of the person who owns that item. Other than that, anything in the common areas (kitchen, porch, living room, sitting rooms, etc) belongs to me and is available for your use. Please be respectful of my things and clean up after yourself when you are done, but feel free to use them!

What else do I need to bring?

Just yourself and your toiletry bag is all you really need!

What are the rooms like?

The bedroom has five adult sized twin beds, room darkening blinds on the windows, air conditioners in the summer, comfy radiator heat in the winter, and individual lights and fans on the beds, plus there is also a semi-private room/loft with one bed available, too. For prices, availability and a list of what's included, head to my pricing page.

How many people are typically in the house?

Though it is constantly changing, there is usually a mix of both reserve and line holding pilots and flight attendants. On an average day there are about 1-2 people in the house, and I have yet to see everyone home at the same time! Generally it is very comfortable and uncrowded.

Does anyone else use my bed while I'm away/at work?

NEVER! Your bed is your own for the entire month that you rent it. I wash the sheets anytime someone moves out. While you are here, feel free to wash your own sheets in the washer/dryer, or, ask me to do it and I'd be happy to throw them in when I get a chance!

How often does the crashpad get cleaned?

A maid has been hired to take care of general cleaning of the crashpad. Having said that, PLEASE be respectful, and if you make a mess, try to clean it up as best you can. If you use the kitchen and dishes, please wash, dry, and put your things away as soon as you are finished - this is very important in a crashpad situation. They key here is to be respectful to both the crashpad and your colleagues.

Do I need to sign a lease or contract?

Nope! All I ask is that you let me know as soon as possible if you get word about a base transfer, or if you simply won't need the crashpad anymore so that I can fill your bed. I prefer a month notice prior to leaving.

How about a security deposit?

No security deposit will be required. So far everyone has been great about respecting my home and my things.

When is rent due?

Rent is due by the 1st of the month.  Unless prior arrangement has been made due to unusual circumstances I will begin the process of filling your bed if rent has not been received on time. I will allow for a grace-period until the 7th of the month, as long as this is discussed before then.

What happens if the bus isn't running?

I have not yet seen this happen. The buses run late into the night and start again very early in the morning. If you happen to arrive or need to leave at such a time when there is no bus call or email me and I will come pick you up if I can. If not, there are always Uber/Lyft/Taxi services available at reasonable rates.